The Preachers of LA and Bishop TD Jakes

18 Oct The Preachers of LA and Bishop TD Jakes

October 18, 2013

One of the disheartening things that I find as it relates to all of the chatter surrounding this show, is the harsh, critical, judgmental, and negative words of church people. Deidrick Haddon, Bishop Ron Gibson, Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Chaney and Bishop Clarence McClendon are preachers who have served the spiritual and I am sure financial needs of people for many years. They in a sense “belong” to the church. The way that we treat our own and how quickly we come against each other continues to alarm me.

Like all of us, there will be things that we will see that will be shocking, but will be REAL. This is the reason that REAL-ality TV has exploded the way that it has. We are intrigued and educated when we see what really happens or has occurred in the lives of others.

How people in general will interpret this show will depend on their lens like most things. Those that will “question” the church as a result of this show, were already plagued with those questions and will use whatever they view as negative to reinforce what has already had them at an unrest. I would suggest to those who look to this show as a representation as the majority to further educate thempoastorsoflaselves on the statistics. Though this show is very REAL, it isn’t likely a true representation of what is going on at the church in your community.

The average size church in America is about 90 people strong, and 60% of the churches in America are that size. I do agree that the show is a bit damaging. However, it is damaging to the already flawed images of black preachers and their churches that the media has successfully flooded the minds of people especially since 2006.

I see glimmers of Christ and messages of hope and love all throughout the show and I also see instructive moments explaining how to handle the things that the church is faced with now in 2013 (especially in the second episode)….

It is only the second episode and maybe it’s too early to fairly judge the show? I am sure it is.

I will be watching and I am SURE most of you will be watching as well. Holly Carter and Lemuel Plummer have certainly accomplished that!

Now, as it relates to Bishop Jakes. Well, it’s just what I said earlier. The negative blogs, vids, Facebook posts, and tweets have been MASSIVE! In spite of what we think, social media plays a big part in what people think. Being that everyone had more than likely latched onto what can be seen as negative (particularly the “bling bling”), Bishop Jakes wittingly addressed where his present wealth comes from and how he got where he is to reassure his partners and givers that the offerings are used for ministry. What one would take from The Preachers of LA is that these ‘things” that these ministers have are purchased with the money that the people give in each service.

People that think that way in my opinion don’t understand business. The money that any entity brings in will use 60-80% of what is brought in to function and to exist which many times excludes the pay or salary of the senior officer. Being that most people aren’t business owners or have much entrepreneurial savvy, Bishop Jakes seized the moment to make things clear in his charismatic way.

Well that’s what I think about it all. Good Day!

– Dr. Larry D. Reid

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