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09 May Master Moms

May 9, 2015

The second part of God’s brightest idea in the universe is the wife-mom.

See, every family is God-breathed through the male and mom has the grace to carry God’s purpose for each member of the family in the inside of her. These purposes are discovered individually and there is a path walked by each member of her family by which each child’s purpose is unearthed. She carries these children full of purpose in her. Can you imagine the very deep connection that moms have with their children? Do you now how hard it is to allow each child to follow and then chart their own path –  especially when they feel that the child is going a direction that isn’t good for them or will bring distance between them and their child? See, the mom has spiritually and emotionally devoted herself to carrying her children and then caring for them. Her entire life is consumed with it. The mom has beared much, missed much, and dealt with much, and did much so that her children could have the best she could give them. Now age and maturity comes along, and asks Mom to let go and allow their child to care for themselves. It’s not easy for moms.

To master the art of allowing your child the space to grow and develop, and then learning how to mother them differently as they mature in age is no easy task. But Master Moms do it well. They manage to create, establish, and maintain a great relationship with their children even into their old age without being a source of self doubt or ridicule for their children, and without being the source of frustration for their children because of their constant overshare of opinion or their manipulative-control. The children of Master Moms will do anything for them and can’t imagine doing anything in life without them. The children of Master Moms can’t imagine living their lives without the voice of their mom in the background cheering them on through the hard stuff, and being that constant source of unconditional love. This weekend on Mother’s Day we salute Master Moms in the making, those that are still with us, and those that have passed on.


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