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02 Feb Cyber Churches

February 2, 2016

“Hey. I have an idea. Let’s start a Cyber Church!” says the random free thinker.

No doubt just a few years ago it would have been preposterous to consider, but boy have things changed. One of my mentors Mikki Taylor says “If you don’t evolve you will evaporate”. I am noticing that for an increasing amount of the working class citizens in America, going to church a few days a week, once a week, and even a few times a month is no longer feasible for them. For many of them it isn’t because the church is antiquated, disinteresting, or an inconvenience – but it is because they are fulfilling their dreams and fulfilling their destiny. They are consumed with their purpose. They have locked into the reason(s) why they were born and are clear about what they have been called to do. They are busy doing just that. Their assignment is to be a representation of Jesus Christ in the workplace and in the marketplace. They are called to film, music, dance, medicine, politics and etc. They are entertainers, educators, producers, and etc. For them, being at work, on set, in court, or at the hospital is being in the place that they must spend a considerable amount of their time representing and advancing the Lord’s agenda carrying the sacred into the secular. They desire and require spiritual connection and want to be a part of a group of individuals who are doing the same. They want the same caring, supportive, and loving community that traditional church gives, but how will we give that to them?

I believe that this is the perfect time for churches to give more attention to spiritual education, enlightenment, and empowerment ON DEMAND. Many churches have acclimated to streaming their worship experiences weekly which thousands of people participate in weekly across the nation. I have heard several pastors of small , medium, large, and mega size churches say that they have just as many (and in some cases more) participants online streaming as they do within the four walls of their churches. They say that these participants are growing spiritually and are a great financial support. There is definitely a great need for spiritual resources online that are crafted specifically for these that I am mentioning. Are you called to spearhead such a resource?

I believe that as time goes along, church will become a click on one of our devices. Assembling together will not look as it has for many years. While many will continue to come weekly to our physical churches, there will continue to be a growing number of people who will require and prefer a cyber source that will become their spiritual nexus that they can access LIVE and ON DEMAND.

Cyber Churches must be formed that they can become the premiere online source of spiritual education, enlightenment, and empowerment for Career Christians, Professional Pentecostals, and Marketplace Ministers that are on divine assignment.

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