Don’t be afraid to let them go!

27 Mar Don’t be afraid to let them go!

March 27, 2014

I decided to blog this Facebook status from my personal page and I hope you can glean from it…….

I’ve pastored several #churches since 1997 in rural and urban cities in America and abroad. By His grace I am not a novice and God looks out for me and He speaks. In addition I am well educated and have earned my master’s and doctorate through hard work. I also own several businesses. I have a wonderful dream team of employees, partners, and advisors. And on top of it all, I’m an artist and intercessor by His grace.

I said all that so every #artist #pastor #ceo #businessowner and #visionary will know the wisdom behind my following statement….

When it comes to your #dreams, do not allow your spiritual desire to achieve your goals blind you to real facts, hard numbers, and dead-end alliances with people who don’t have your best interest in mind. There is no level of prayer and fasting or money, that can offset the certain repercussions of being connected to disorganization, poor administration, sub-par business dealings, or unqualified personnel.

Don’t allow your “Christian-ness” keep you from distancing, exposing, or expelling those of your circle, business, family, church, or anyone in your life period that does not perform duties, work well in a team, have integrity, are insubordinate, don’t support your goals, or anyone who has bad energy period. If you want success, then you and those connected to you must be prepped and ready for it. Confront what and who needs to be confronted, and don’t accept nothing less than what you want or what has to be – in order for you to fulfill the reason for which you were born!

Let them call you insensitive, over the top, a nick-picker, or an over achiever. Those same people saying that are the ones you need to distance yourself from ASAP before “be and do nothing” gets on you….



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