Let The Church Say Change – Audiobook


Drawing from the vault of experiential knowledge that pastoring and counseling for over 15 years has afforded, Dr. Larry D. Reid has penned a thought provoking dissertation that will challenge the local church to undergo an extreme makeover.  He introduces a three-fold approach to personal problem-solving that he believes every local church should utilize, that is sure to promote holistic growth and development in the lives of the congregant and visitor alike.  Dr. Reid unearths and challenges the outmoded and outdated methods that have offended many who have looked to the church for resolve.  Being educated theologically and secularly has allowed Dr. Reid to skillfully bring this refreshing combination of spirituality and practicality that will enlighten the reader, reshape their thinking and broaden their knowledge of the local church and it’s purpose in the community.  In the strength of a reformer armed with the gift of authorship, Dr. Reid protests the hearty approval that many have given to the church with their shouts of amen, and commands a new cadence for reformers to sound.  “Let The Church Say Change!”

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